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We do not follow standards - we make them!


What is DGold Coin?

DGold is different from the other crypto currencies that are offered on a very rich market today, made by top experts and supported by over 1700 co-founders around the world. Behind it standing many unprofitable freelance, anti-globalization organizations, with over 200 academics, scientists and researchers from Serbia, from whole Balkan, partly of Western Europe, America, Russia, the United Emirates, China, Japan, India and the rest of the world.

DGold will be the official pay-roller of a unified multi-investing and marketing system called Easy Cloud. It will be your everyday digital money. With it, you will be able to buy it through our websites, but also others which will accept it in the future. You will be able to trade it in our internal currency exchange, change it for other crypto currencies, USD, EURO, RUBLE, BTC, ETH etc.

Our project contains four phases as follows:

  • Investment part
  • Development part
  • Construction investment plan
  • Starting our social network

What is DoomsDay Coin?

By purchasing DoomsDay Coin, you help our project in building a Research Center as well as building a Solar City (smart city), high-tech equipped with its control centre. You can see the current price of the coin here on the site. By purchasing DoomsDay coins you can earn money when selling the same coins after finishing this ICO. Coin prices are constantly increasing alongside the global sales of DoomsDay coin increase. DoomsDay coin will be based on DGoldChain and will use an enhanced Svorp protocol.

What is MuM Coin?

MuM Coin in first Phase has got $ 50.00 per Coin. In second Phase we are selling MuM Coin with price $ 0.01 per Coin. After second Phase ends, MuM Coin will be released in Exchange with price which you set on your own! BUY this coin so you can be first one which will be able to sell coins in our Exchane.

What is Gold Profit?

Members which has bought offers of Gold Profit will get percentage of 50 % profit from company on every 3. 6. 12. month depends of package you have bought! Members which bought most of Gold Profit will earn much profit. You can order Gold Profit with Deposit Balance and Old Mining Balance. In situation that you don't have enough money in Deposit Balance, we will take automaticaly amount from Old Mining Balance.

Possibility of switching the DGold coin to our internal buyer and later to other major public stock markets, as well as selling it to existing or new investors

Our perfect referral program, as well as earnings from referrals, attracts hundreds of millions of investors around the world

When your member purchase coins, you will get 3% from purchase in coins. You can register members and earn coins without purchasing them. As much members you register and as much they purchase you will earn more coins. After you set your coins in exchange and sell, then you will be able to withdraw cash.

Why is our concept different from the others?

At ICO stage the most important thing is to buy as many our coins as you can and at lower prices is possible. When you buy our coins, you have it and you can work with it what you want.

After you can sell your coins in our Inner Exchange and Outer Exchanges, so that is reason why we are different from others !

You can keep it and wait for it to increase its value, you can sell it, change it or give it to someone, it is yours and it is up to you to use it. With other similar systems, you “rent” coins and get a certain profit in percentage for it, but, with us, you buy and own our coins and you owned it permanently.

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